Welcome to MOPCOS

Life abroad simplified

MOPCOS helps you moving and living abroad.

We help you with paperwork and make sure all arrangements are made before you arrive to your new home-country. Our local experts have experience dealing with national ministries, estate agents, setting up bank accounts etc, and will make sure you arrive withset any stress

We assist in:

• Visa applications

• Work permits

• Residence permits

• University applications

• Finding a home

• Finding schools

• Signing up for social services

• Getting a bank account

• Phones and internet

• Insurances

• Finding a car or relocate your own car

Our on-the-ground teams are experts on the national systems, each with first-hand experience in dealing with national ministries, and possess knowledge to unlock the cultural codes of the country. Our experts cover most of the major languages of the world.


We are present in most countries of the world and offer competitive prices, and package solutions customised to your employees’ needs.